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Cover - Jesus' Healing Ways

I have written this book to give hope to those that are hurting from the pain of an illness, suffering from heartache, or finding themselves agonizing as a result of receiving a diagnosis of a terminal disease. This book has been written for those who find themselves living hopeless, empty lives as a result of grieving the loss of a loved one. I believe that there is an abundance of Godly blessings for all those that seek Jesus Christ' healing touch through the Bible.

A Wilderness Experience Avitar

"A Wilderness Experience With Jesus Christ" was written to renew and refresh the hearts of those that read this small book. I pray that those who find themselves living in a world of chaos, because of schedules or their routines, will find the peace and the full joy of Jesus everyday in their lives by adding the process of this reading to their lifestyles.


This video is a documentary of Discipleship Ministries' relief trips to Louisiana. It is narrated by Rev. Terry Collins and produced by Michael Kabay with sound tracks from groups such as Third Day.

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