We partnered with Samaritan Purse in Haiti. Their engineers are currently helping our host, Pastor Eddy Sanvile with the cement preparations for the floor so it is ready when we get there. I look forward to this new venture. It will be a first for Discipleship Ministries. Keep on praying.


Our hope and prayers are to be taking a team of contractors, laborers, medical persons, and biblical teachers to Haiti during the winter of 2012.

A special thanks to Windy Acres Farm

Check out the awesome looking rig below owned by Windy Acres Farm in Augusta, WVa. It is loaded with a dismantled building, over 50 bicycles, enough rough lumber to build 100 pews for a church, school supplies and much more. The rig is heading to Monarch Shipping yard in Florida where they will transport the trailer to Petit Goave, Haiti. The ship should be on its way as I write this note. Please accept our thanks to all of you that helped be a part of this outreach. Our prayer is that you will be blessed abundantly.

One of the tent cities

Everywhere you look there are people lviing in tents made of everything imaginable.

Haitian Christian Worship

I couldn’t help think about our churches back home in the States after hearing this. 


On Feb. 1st, 2010 Mr. John Merschat and I left for the devastated Nation of Haiti. We had to fly into the capital of the Dominican Republic and then travel a couple of hundred miles to get to our destination. Our purpose for this trip was to meet the founder and director of the “Haitian Mission Services”, Pastor Preval Merital to evaluate some of the immediate needs that we might be able to take care of while we were there as well as upon our return to the States. The following is a gallery of photos taken on that trip.

One of the Haitian orphanages that we visited

On Feb. 1st, 2010 Mr. John Merschat and I left for the devastated Nation of Haiti. It didn’t take us long to find out that the most important needs were food and shelter. Most of the Haitians have no money or jobs to buy food because of the earthquake.

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