7 Seconds of Destruction


One of the Haitian orphanages that we visitedOne of the Haitian orphanages that we visitedDear partners and fellow believers,

On Feb. 1st, 2010 Mr. John Merschat and I left for the devastated Nation of Haiti. We had to fly into the capital of the Dominican Republic and then travel a couple of hundred miles to get to our destination. Our purpose for this trip was to meet the founder and director of the “Haitian Mission Services”, Pastor Preval Merital to evaluate some of the immediate needs that we might be able to take care of while we were there as well as upon our return to the States.

It didn’t take long to find out that the most important needs were food and shelter. Most of the Haitians have no money or jobs to buy food because of the earthquake and no shelter because they have abandoned their homes after the destruction that they witnessed.

We were given a tour throughout Porta Au Prince and the outlying areas. If the people are not living on the streets they are living in some kind of church compound where there is a bit of safety because of the multitudes there. We visited one of the Haitian Mission Services compounds where fifteen hundred people were living and trying to survive. There were a few tents put up and a make shift shanty that housed some of the women while the rest lived out in the open. The Pastor of this community told us that it cost his church about $1,000 to feed these people and the surrounding community daily. Their food consists of rice beans, and corn. We were also told that the Pastor’s church was running out of funds to continue this enormous task. I Praise God that we were able to help them by providing funds for additional food that would last for about five days before we left.

We also visited two orphanages where one hundred children ages five to twenty are living outdoors. The churches sponsoring them have the same problems, very little money, therefore very little food. Once again we were able to assist these two orphanages and hope to continue to support them until they can get on their feet once again.

I am looking and praying for those of you that would like to help us feed these orphans. I would love to visit your church, Bible study or organization in order to show you a slideshow of what we experienced. This will give you and understanding of what we are proposing to do for these children. If you wish to contribute now please pull up our pay-pal account to contribute. All funding will be used to feed these orphans.

Thank you so much for all that you have done and are doing to help these people in their desperate times.


Pastor Terry Collins