A Blessing For Today


    God has opened many doors for our ministry over the years.   I find myself in awe as I share my heart with you once again. I have been privileged to visit Haiti twice this year.  I praise God that our teams were able to make a difference while there and would like to share one of the blessings we received.           We were taking part in one of the services with our host pastor and his congregation when one of the visiting pastors stood up and made this statement.  “We have nothing on the outside,” meaning that most of the people there had no food, no extra clothing and no shelter. The pastor went onto say that they did have something far greater than their physical needs met which is “Jesus within us, therefore we need nothing for we have everything needed in this life.”  The congregation ignited in open praise and worship as they acknowledged the truth of this profound statement.        I couldn’t help think about our churches back home in the States after hearing this.  Many congregants have everything they need on the outside, food, clothing, and shelter but are empty inside. They have no peace or joy within their hearts. Lives are filled with stress, grief and suffering.  For those of you that find yourselves feeling this way perhaps you can receive a blessing from  the Haitian pastor‘s wisdom today.  Christ is the essence of life.  Have faith in this and reach out to Him right now, like the Haitians did that night.  Ask Jesus into your heart and receive His joy, His peace in the midst of your storms.Pastor Terry Collins