Jesus' Healing Ways

Cover: Jesus' Healing WaysCover: Jesus' Healing Ways

I have written this book to give hope to those that are hurting from the pain of an illness, suffering from heartache, or finding themselves agonizing as a result of receiving a diagnosis of a terminal disease. This book has been written for those who find themselves living hopeless, empty lives as a result of grieving the loss of a loved one. I believe that there is an abundance of Godly blessings for all those that seek Jesus Christ' healing touch through the Bible.

This book will challenge the heart of the reader to seek out personal convictions concerning the miraculous healing powers of God. I have given testimonies of divine healings that I have witnessed and have attempted to show a biblical process that explains why Jesus heals today. My prayer is that the reader will be encouraged to reach out to Jesus Christ for His wonderful healing touch as a result of reading this book, and then honoring God by sharing their experience with as many people that will listen to them.

My prayer and my hope is that every reader will grow closer to the Lord by searching for an intimate personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I also pray that many non-Christians will be brought to Jesus through these teachings.

I want to thank my wife, Susan , my children, Marcie, Michael and Anna, and all those friends that have supported me in this writing.

May God continue to bless you and yours forever.

Terry Collins

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