Life Is Fragile

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend when
she told me her son almost lost his life. 
She went on to say that life was so fragile.  She now finds herself trying to prepare her
heart to be ready for something like this to happen.  I don’t know why, perhaps because I have three
children, but I just couldn’t rid myself of these thoughts.  It doesn’t seem right that a parent should
stand over the graveside of one of their children.  What do you think, should we be prepared for
something like this?

Since that conversation we lost two young people in
our mountain community, both the same week. 
One due to a tragic auto accident and the other due to an unexpected
illness  Needless to say our community is
rocked by these events.  In the last year
we have lost five young people. 

Why is life so fragile?  The only wisdom I can offer is taught in the
first book of the Bible when God commanded the first created man (Adam) not to
eat one specific fruit that was created because he would gain the knowledge of
evil and surely die.

In other words God created perfect and placed nothing
on the human’s mind and heart except what was good.  He instructed Adam to obey His command and
live forever, in perfect relationship with Him. 
As many know, Adam disobeyed this divine command and ate the forbidden
fruit thus changing his DNA which resulted in him  gaining the knowledge of evil and eventually
dying.  Genesis teaches that Adam’s sin
was passed onto every human born except for Jesus.. 

Knowing this, how  does one prepare for this type of heartache?  Is there something we can do to prepare
ourselves for this? Lets face it, we will grieve, suffer and lament over death.  Even Jesus cried over the death of His friend
Lazereth.  But can we prepare ourselves
for this kind of loss, knowing that life is fragile?   I believe we can.

We have a promise from our Creator that says God loves
us so much that He gave mankind His only begotten Son ( Jesus) that whosoever
believes in Him will have eternal life.  This means that there is more to living than
life here on earth.  Life goes on the way
God created it in the first place, perfect and forever if you believe in Jesus.  Jesus restores life by taking our inherited
curse (death) upon Himself. 

Life is fragile and the only way one can prepare for
its sting is to have a relationship with God who created us knowing that in the
midst of our sorrows, our grief, our heartache, God will be there for us because
Jesus already paid the price for our inherited sin  My suggestion is to turn your grief, your
heartache, your suffering over to the Lord. 
If you do not know Jesus, trust the Word of the Lord and ask Him into
your heart today and watch how God prepares you to receive His love and His eternal
gift.  Live in God’s peace knowing that “life
is fragile”