Partner with Us

Discipleship Ministries is a travelng Christian Church.  We have been building teams for over 15 years reaching out to the world striving to spread the Gospel of Christ. Our partner's prayers and funding have made all of this happen.

When you donate to our ministry you are helping us share the Gospel through our preaching, teaching, media outreaches and feeding programs. Your funding helps us travel, as we do the crusades and renewal services here in the States and abroad. You also make it possible for us to distribute food and clothing to the poor and needy. Thank you from our hearts.

Please make your checks out to Discipleship Ministries and send it to Discipleship Ministries, 314 Nelson Rd., Farmington, PA 15437

Please know that we are a 501C3 corporation and any donation that you send to us is tax deductible. I thank you in advance for your prayers and your support. May God bless you and yours, all the days of your life

For more information you can call at 724-329-8414 or fill out our contact us form.