Who is Discipleship Ministries

More than fifteen years ago, Rev. Terry Collins was standing on the Mount of Olives, a place where Jesus spent much of his time teaching. As he stood there in reflection and prayer, Rev. Collins said he felt God was calling him to find ways of reaching out to more people in need, and spreading the word of God to more people around the United States and other parts of the world.

Rev. Collins and his wife, Susan, founded Discipleship Ministries shortly thereafter and based the ministry from their hometown of Farmington, Pa.

As the ministry began, the couple and other volunteers who agreed to be part of the ministry's team were able to help a few people at a time, and bring the Word of God to others through special services and crusades.

Over the years, the ministry has greatly expanded and has had the opportunity to help thousands of people, some who might have died had they not received help.

In 1995, the ministry formed a partnership with the United Methodist "Russia Initiative of Western Pa." and governmental departments in the Republic of Komi, Russia, which allowed them to provide food and supplies for orphans who were starving to death. As time went on this partnership found themselves feeding as many as 400 orphans through the brutal Artic winter months. By the grace of God, the ministry has helped those orphanages remain stable on their own.

Rev. Collins said that while he and other volunteers were walking the streets of the Russian city of Inta, he noticed the pain in the eyes of the elderly people who lived there. He learned that the senior citizens had been cast aside to fend for themselves as they lived on small pensions that would not allow them to purchase food and heat their homes at the same time. They were given the choice every two weeks to either go hungry or risk freezing to death in subzero temperatures.

This led the ministry and the "Initiative" to reach out to the people of that city who so desperately needed food and medical supplies. They purchased and distributed food to the elderly in Inta in co-operation with their government officials with the hope of giving them quality of life in their final years.

In the United States, the ministry has reached out to those in need in the mountain area of Southwestern Pennsylvania by providing a food bank through Fayette County Community Action Agency and a couple of local churches, Sansom Chapel UMC and Chalk Hill UMC.. After a period of about ten years this outreach was turned over to the leadership of Sansom Chapel UMC.

The ministry has also ministered to the victims of Hurricane Katrina by helping to rebuild homes that were destroyed along the Gulf Coast, and feeding those that were displaced in St. Bernard's Parish. Discipleship Ministries also held a Christmas party in 2006 in Chalmet, La., complete with Christmas gifts for the children who had been displaced from their homes. This allowed many people who would not have had a traditional Christmas celebration with their families to experience great joy for that holiday.

The ministry has also been able to provide food and supplies for a homeless shelter in Athens, Ohio, where people are given the opportunity to get back on their feet and once again live productive lives.

In addition to these outreaches, the ministry continuously holds revivals and healing services in various locations, and offers the annual "Fire on the Mountain" weekend retreat where many have come to know Christ or renew their commitment to Him.

In 2005, the ministry opened the Char-Rose Christian Retreat Center in Markleysburg, Pa. Discipleship Ministries has slowly added to the beautiful retreat center, which offers a perfect outdoor venue for community events and Christian concerts with it's pavilion and stage.  This is a beautiful place for Bible Studies, outdoor seminars, family reunions, graduation parties and family day events.  It is also an awesome place of solitude to get closer to God.

One of the ministry's more recent undertakings has been to minister to the people of Africa, where the Rev. Collins and volunteers Michael Kabay and David Campbell held a crusade in Kenya. Although Rev. Collins had been around the world and seen indescribable poverty, he commented that the needs in Kenya were unlike anything he had seen before.

After the last trip, the ministry was able to place four orphan children from one village into a home where they can be raised by a loving family. Discipleship Ministries provided enough funding to keep the entire family fed and to purchase new clothing and bedding for the boys.

 Your prayers and any financial contributions you can make are always very much appreciated.