A Wilderness Experience

A Wilderness Experience CoverA Wilderness Experience CoverA Wilderness Experience was Terry Collins' first book which was published in 2002. It is out of print now, but you can still enjoy it in this downloadable pdf.

"A Wilderness Experience With Jesus Christ" was written to renew and refresh the hearts of those that read this small book. I pray that those who find themselves living in a world of chaos, because of schedules or their routines, will find the peace and the full joy of Jesus everyday in their lives by adding the process of this reading to their lifestyles. I pray that the grieving will find peace and purpose of life once again from the process given in this writing. My prayer extends to all those that are living their lives mechanically with no real joy or peace of mind, because they can not find any time for themselves. My heart breaks for the lonely, the physically ill, the depressed, and the abused. I hope that this writing will begin or restore peace, joy and purpose of life to the readers.

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