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Would you like to be immortal?

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“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him will be granted eternal life”

Foolishness or truth, what do you think?


you ever put a puzzle together, there are easy ones and then the ones that take
a long time to finish.  As the puzzle
becomes completed you start to receive a feeling of satisfaction, don’t you.


you ever found yourself trying to be patient while waiting in line to check out,
and there is a child behind you with a mom just carrying on, you know
stretching your patience to its limits?


Have you ever heard the
phrase “Friends With Benefits”.  It’s a movement
sweeping across our nation.  It’s a
decision where two friends can have sexual relations together with the understanding that
the physical relationship is unemotional, uncommitted, and is just sex only..


Statistics estimate that 1 in110
children in the United States have a form of autism, making it 10 times more
probable that a child will be diagnosed with it now than 10 years ago. One of
them could be your child.


Do you get worried when everything seems to be going to good
to be true. 
You know your health is good, all the bills are paid and you
feel joyful and are happy. 

The blessings are just flowing but deep down you might start getting
concerned that something has to go wrong. 
    You can’t be blessed every day
of your life can you?


Would you consider yourself a Christian, and if you
do, should you be making disciples for Jesus? 
Is this really something the Lord would want each of us to do?  Check out this short message and see what you


Recently we lost two young people in our mountain community in one week.   Life is so fragile!


A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend when
she told me her son almost lost his life. 
She went on to say that life was so fragile.