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What would you do if
you saw two men in your driveway trying to start your car so they could take
it?  Would you let them have your vehicle
if they answered you by saying, the Lord needs it?


Stories with a
spiritual meaning have a wonderful effect on people.   Is this the reason Jesus talked in parables or
stories when He walked this earth?.  Was
it to shock and awe those that witnessed His teachings into belief.


you say that you are a part of God’s chosen people, or is it just the Jewish


Several years ago there was a Wendy’s commercial that I loved.  It showed an elderly lady holding a hamburger looking into the camera and saying  ”Where’s The Beef”.  As I look at the high rate of divorce within our Country today I want to shout out, just like that little lady did,  “Where’s
all the Love”.


How important Is your lifestyle?  Does anyone but you care?  Does God care how you live?

Community Center

We just learned that “Aker Corporation” should have the portable building, that is to be used for a church and community center in Petit Goave, ready for us to send to Haiti at the end of March.  In the mean time we are planning on grading the property that was purchased last year for this building on our next visit.


I always like to take time at the end of the year to review my calendar to see how privileged we were to do God’s work again.