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Is there a place where people live prosperous lives as well as being loved, blessed and joyful all at the same time.  Is this even possible living in the evil, violent, corrupt world of today?  

Haitian Christian worship

    I couldn’t help think about our churches back home in the States
after hearing this.

Widows waiting

We would love to come to your church, your women’s group or your Bible Study and share our ministry experiences with you. One of our major outreaches occur in Kenya, Africa, working with desperate widows and


The other day I found my heart broken when a friend told me that this would not seem like Christmas to her or her family.


Yesterday I had an awesome experience. I got to see the amazing genius of humanity when it comes to construction. I climbed 390 feet up to the top of a boiler being built in West Virginia.


Recently I have been thinking about people that follow someone or something.  This could be a good thing or something that can get a person or group of people into trouble.  If you think about it there are followers within a gang, a culture, fads, politics and religion...

Cover - Jesus' Healing Ways

I have written this book to give hope to those that are hurting from the pain of an illness, suffering from heartache, or finding themselves agonizing as a result of receiving a diagnosis of a terminal disease. This book has been written for those who find themselves living hopeless, empty lives as a result of grieving the loss of a loved one. I believe that there is an abundance of Godly blessings for all those that seek Jesus Christ' healing touch through the Bible.


I recently returned from a mission trip to Kenya only to think about our spiritual “911 State of Emergency” in the States.  You see I heard one of our armed force generals talking about a potential third world war erupting.  His speculation was based on Israel taking aggressive action against Iran to stop them from continuing with their nuclear program.  He explained if this happens the allies (of both nations) would have no other choice but to defend these two Nations which would cause a world war.

A Wilderness Experience Avitar

"A Wilderness Experience With Jesus Christ" was written to renew and refresh the hearts of those that read this small book. I pray that those who find themselves living in a world of chaos, because of schedules or their routines, will find the peace and the full joy of Jesus everyday in their lives by adding the process of this reading to their lifestyles.


Did you ever feel like you were in a battle and didn’t know who your enemy was. If you have been paying attention to any of the news lately, it would be impossible to miss the battle going on throughout our nation over health insurance reform...