Eric Visits Us

Eric at Char-RoseMichael Kabay, our mission chair, invited Eric Funches to Pennsylvania to start his tour of the U.S. Eric explained to us that he is no stranger to trials and tribulations. On June 4th, 2004 Eric was diagnosed with a brain tumor and on June 29th had his first surgical procedure to remove the invader. In September he had his first sign that the tumor was returning, which stopped him from continuing in the profession that he loved, which was a high school administrator. Eric's second major brain surgery occurred in February 2005 and had a third operation in March to stop a hemorrhaging blood vessel in his brain. As if this wasn't enough Eric and his family suffered through the terrible devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

As a result of all the tragic events that took place the song “We Are Strong” was birthed, written by Eric, that he sings with passion because his life testifies a phrase that he coined “…Because you are still here, your purpose is yet being filled”.

Meeting Eric was a blessing to me and all that met him this year at Char-Rose Retreat Center. He touched our lives with his songs, his testimony and his genuine love for his neighbor. Please look forward to Discipleship Ministries inviting Eric to share with us again in the very near future.