Haiti Update


One of the tent citiesOne of the tent citiesIts been about a week since I returned from Haiti.  This has been the third trip I made this year and I must say that I am noticing some changes taking place outside the capital, Port Au Prince.

Everywhere you look there are people living in tents made of everything imaginable.  There are still some homeless but not as many as we saw in May, praise God.  The tents are so close together that I am sure you can hear your neighbor breathing, and it is as though the Haitians have accepted this as their new way of life.  The island has now become a tent Nation, with very little dignity to be found among the families. 

The cities outside of Port Au Prince are getting some of the earthquake rubble cleaned up and the stench of death is gone.  Some of the traffic lights are now working in the capital but the living conditions are still unimaginable.  No hygiene, little food and much despair. 

I praise God that we have been able to make a difference to some of the people by distributing food each time we visit.  This past trip we were able to help Pastor Eddy Sainvill survey property where he plans to build a community center.  Aker Corporation is planning to donate a sixty five foot by one hundred twenty eight foot portable building to place on this ground to make this happen, Praise God!  We are also planning on shipping a Blue Bird bus filled with plastic shoe boxes of gifts for the children of Petit Goave to share for Christmas.  We will visit them Dec. 27th, 2010 until Jan 3rd, 2011 to share the Gospel,our food and teach them some personal hygiene techniques in their new surroundings. 

If this outreach touches your hearts and you want to become a part of our next team or make a donation to help us fulfill all of our plans please contact us.  Please make your checks out to Discipleship Ministries and mark the memo section Haiti 2010.  You may also use our pay pal account.  Thank you in Advance.


Pastor Terry Collins and DM team