Long Life

On this New year’s day, 2013, take a moment and think of your age.  Are you in your 20’s, 30’s maybe 50’s or 60’s.  Whatever age you find yourself in I would think that you would be willing to follow specific directions to prolong your life. I’m not thinking of starting a new kind of diet or to change your physical habit like being able to stop smoking, although it might be smart.  I am talking about a way that has been proved effective.  Not only can you prolong your life but you can replace any concern with peace, blessings and good standing among your neighbors.Please understand that I am not selling anything here, just sharing some divine wisdom for you to consider and test.  The method comes from Proverbs which is a book of wisdom we have been given from God to live a quality life here on earth.In Chapter 3 a choice is offered for us to make. If we live to keep God’s commands and to let kindness and truth be a part of our hearts then God promises to prolong our lives and place His favor and good understanding on us.    The second choice is not to strive to do this and just see what happens. Will you live a prolonged life and will you have peace. Today is the first day of 2013 and I choose God’s way, how about you?